Friday, July 31, 2009


My name is Heather Moran and I work as a Business and Computing Lecturer at Universal College of Learning (UCOL) in Palmerston North.

This is my third paper in the elearning certificate (although no.2 isn't quite finished yet...oops)and I look forward with apprehension to pushing my boundaries in terms of being vocal online!!! I am generally an online lurker but have been warned (by previous participants) that I will have to actually post opinions and comments etc....aaaaaaargh! (LOL).

Heather :)


  1. Welcome Heather. I guess if one doesn't prefer posting publically or forgets, also emails can be sent (later). And the receiver can post about that interaction perhaps.

    Have fun,
    Erkan YILMAZ

  2. well you will have to come out from the shadows, BUT rememebr the Wenger and Lave notion of "legitimate peripheral participation". Makes us lurkers feel a bit beeter really.
    GO well.

  3. The other comment to make is that if we do not post publically, then we can't get a conversation going.

    Great to see you up and running anyway, Heather :)